Weight Loss Program

The Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • HCG *
  • Labs (Thyroid, Testosterone and Metabolic panels)
  • Nutrient Optimization + 1 free Myers cocktail included (Daily vitamins and or Meyers Cocktail **)
  • Individualized Diet Plan
  • 1/wk visit for follow ups and to track progress
  • Weekly weigh-ins and vitals with our InBodyscale

*as prescribed by physician / **ask for pricing if interested.

What Kind of Results are Possible?

  • You will lose inches off your waistline
  • You will lose fat, not muscle
  • Your face and neck can become trimmer, less flabby
  • You will feel more energized, and notice an increase in your metabolism
  • You will have an increase in your overall well-being and health

To better determine your situation we have designed a quiz that will help in creating your plan. Of course, your full anonymity will be guaranteed and after submitting the quiz you will be contacted by our staff of experts for a free consultation on what your next steps should be.

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