About Us

Mission Statement

SDM-1 Stop Primary & Urgent Care is to provide patients with access to quality, affordable and patient-centered care for acute illnesses and injuries that is conveniently accessible while simultaneously growing a thriving family practice centered around the overall well-being of our patients.


To be trusted in delivering the highest, evidence-based quality of care for its patients and families within a compassionate and caring environment.


Patient Centered

We strive to deliver care that put the patients’ values and culture first and empowering them to take control of their own health. Patient satisfaction is our priority. In essence, we exist to serve others.


We treat each of our patient with respect and dignity. We value the people we work we and maintain professionalism at all times.


We are a dynamic team and embody excellence in patient care and education, adherence to strict ethical standards, and a keen responsiveness to our patients’ needs.


We maintain an open and honest communication of our services and conduct ourselves according to the highest ethical standards of practice.


We use each other’s strength to increase the efficiency of our practice and lean on our cultural diversity to provide the best possible patient care experience.


SDM-1 STOP PRIMARY & URGENT CARE believes that effective and meaningful treatment can be provided only by the continuous pursuit of quality embracing the following principles:

  • An individual-centered approach to assessment and service planning ensures individualized care to meet each individual’s changing needs while maintaining dignity.
  • Compliance with standards of care and service is enhanced through ongoing monitoring, evaluation and improvement of clinical practice and programs.
  • Effective resource allocation is met through strategic analysis of the individual, community, and organization needs.
  • A commitment to staff training, development and competency-based performance, evaluation, benefits the individual’s professional growth and development as well as enhances overall quality of care to individuals.
  • The well being and quality of individuals’ lives will be enhanced through individual and family education as well as involvement in both service and organizational planning.